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February 6, 2010

Why Divorce Is The Only Answer For Tiger Woods

Every relationship has a breaking point. Some can survive infidelity. But should they survive? That's an entirely different question.  Tiger and Elin Woods needs to face a reality that people face everyday in half the homes in America: divorce.

Tiger Woods going through sex addiction therapy is ridiculous. Tiger is a cheater. He is not a pervert or a criminal. The cure for Tiger is simple. He needs to be single. Any doubt Tiger will be a hands on, terrific father? Absolutely none. Any doubt Elin will be set for life financially? Of course not.

And there's likewise no genuine doubt that any effort at reconciliation is delusional given the global level of humiliation Elin suffered.  So why continue to delay and deny the inevitable? Just do it!  (no trademark infringement intended)

It is time for Tiger to accept defeat. Reach a fair and compassionate financial settlement quickly that allows Elin to move forward with her dignity restored.  Kids can adjust to divorce. What is truly damaging is to grow up in an environment of distrust, recrimination and tension.  Its time for Tiger to resume his destiny. Let the healing begin.

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