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February 20, 2010

UPDATE: Mainstream Media Finally Reporting Evidence Dr. Bishop Tried To Cheat Her Way To Tenure

On February 15th, the blog Shepherds and Black Sheep was the first to report that accused murderer Dr. Amy Bishop had effectively cheated when she listed among her professional publications, collaborative research allegedly performed and co-authored by four employees of "Cherokee Labsystems."

Not only, as Shepherds and Black Sheep  reported, was this research paper published in an online vanity press,  Dr. Bishop also conveniently failed to disclose that "Cherokee Labsystems" operated out of the home she shared with her husband James Anderson and further failed to disclose that her four co-authors were her husband and three of the her four children:  Lily B. Anderson, Phaedra B. Anderson and Thea B. Anderson.

Curiously, while Dr. Bishop was padding her record of collaborative research by trying to pass off her children as her professional colleagues, she chose not to share any credit with her only son, Seth, named for Dr. Bishop's brother Seth Morrison Bishop, whom she shot and killed in 1986.
The Commentors to the Blog article, many of whom self identify as college professors and scientists,  have debated and examined Dr. Bishop's purported accomplishments and the other evidence detailed by Shepherds and Black Sheep.
Many have also questioned why the mainstream press was ignoring the substantial evidence that suggested Dr. Bishop tried to cheat her way to tenure.

It seems that mainstream media is finally catching up. On February 19th, the Boston Herald reported: "Amy Bishop, husband listed teens on research paper." 

Likewise jumping on the Shepherds and Black Sheep bandwagon today is the New York Times, which  reports that Dr. Bishop claimed her children on co-authors of her latest research published in what is essentially a scientific vanity press. The various experts interviewed by NYT echo the sentiments first expressed by the author and Commentors of Shepherds and Black Sheep.

When questioned about Dr. Bishop's possible fraud, UAH spokesperson Ray Gamer indicated the University was unaware that Dr. Bishop's children were listed as co-authors on one of her published research papers and acknowledged, "Its unusual."  

Dr. Bishop's father-in-law, Jimmy Anderson Sr., had his own explanation as to why his grandchildren's names are listed on Dr. Bishop's published research as her co-authors: "They're very bright little kids." 



  1. Congratulations! Your research was very impressive, and you should get credit for breaking the story. I have no doubt that corporate media reporters read your post before checking with others in the field. Unfortunately corporate media reporters seldom credit bloggers.

    I've been checking back every day to see what you would come up with next. Great work!


  2. The NYT is also saying the "invention" isn't all that either.


  3. Mary Agnes:

    I too, have become a daily follower of your blog. Today I add one snippet to be fitted into the big picture.

    Found on scienceblogs.com and sourced to "factchecker":

    "Amy Bishop's father, Samuel S. Bishop, is a Greek-American, whose surname at birth was Papazoglos. The August 10, 1985 funeral notice for her grandfather on page 15 of the Boston Globe confirms that. Anyone who thinks that Professor Bishop is of Jewish descent is not really on the level."

    LYNN - Speros Papazoglos , 96, former owner of the Hancock Market in Somerville, died at his home yesterday after a long illness.
    Born in Aitonia, Grevena, Greece, Mr. Papazoglos came to the United States at 16. He had lived in Manchester, N.H., Boston and Somerville before moving to Lynn 11 years ago.
    For a few years, Mr. Papazoglos owned and operated the Boylston Grille in Boston. For 30 years, until his retirement, he owned and operated the Hancock Market in Somerville.
    A US Army veteran of World War I, Mr. Papazoglos had been an active member of the Boston Chapter of the Pan-Macedonian Association and the Boston chapter of the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association.
    He was a former member of St. John's Greek Orthodox Church of Boston and the Assumption Greek Orthodox Church of Somerville. Most recently he was a parishioner of the St. George Greek Orthodox Church of Lynn.
    Mr. Papazoglos leaves his wife, Theano (Stavropoulos); three sons, Alexander S. Palos of California, Samuel S. Bishop of Braintree, and George Papazoglos of Manchester; a daughter, Rose Olson of Beverly; 15 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren.
    Boston Globe, The (MA)
    Date: August 10, 1985
    Edition: THIRD
    Page: 15

    Posted by: factchecker | February 16, 2010 3:09 PM

    Thanks for the updates!

  4. Thank you for the comments.

    On the invention, looks like the NYT scooped me. Big surprise. I have been researching other portable incubators and the apparatus Dr. Bishop and her husband James came up compared to some truly portable, high tech cell incubators in development.

    On the grandfather connection: That is very interesting. Bishop is a fairly common name. Wonder how many Samuel S. Bishops lived in Braintree in 1985. Thanks for the link.

  5. Wickedlocal.com has posted a deeply poignant profile of Seth Bishop first published shortly after his death. One excerpt stands out sharply as perhaps an insight into the family dynamics:

    "Honor upon honor was heaped upon Seth at Braintree High School. He won the Arion Music Award, the national high school math award and first prize in the science fair in chemistry and biology.

    "He never told me about anything. I would read about it a few days later in the paper," Judy said."



  6. sgs: Thanks so much for that link. For those trying to follow it, add a backslash / at the end
    I have been working off and on for several days on two pieces, one of James Anderson and one on Seth. I definitely believe that he was Amy Bishop's first murder victim and it so sad that no one cared enough about his death when it happened to bring her to justice then.

  7. Two of the Bishop daughters have Greek first names: Phaedra and Thea. Perhaps this is a clue to the Greek background?

  8. Any clue why Samuel Bishop changed his name? Adoption? to 'Americanize' himself? his parents not married? lots of possibilities. And Samuel's California brother also changed his name too. What's up with that? sons trying to distance themselves from Papazoglos? Curious.

  9. http://www.universityworldnews.com/article.php?story=20100219125353299

    You are being vindicated:

    An examination of the Institute of Scientific Information (ISI) Web of Science data reveals that Bishop published only eight articles during her time at the university between 2003 and 2010.

    The ISI is arguably the most effective way of evaluating academic prowess and long-term potential. Moreover, it is becoming increasingly important for tenure review committees to evaluate applications according to 'impact factor' data correlated to the citation frequency of an applicant's publications in listed scientific journals.

    Between 2006 and 2008, Bishop had no publications in ISI-recognised journals. Moreover, the index lists only five publications giving her university address; the others had Harvard University where she did her PhD.

  10. The report Cherie mentioned was very "kind"! I only found 4 on ISI. The 2004 paper was from work condcuted at Harvard. The 2005 paper was a review. As I posted for the main article, it took her almost 6 years to produce the first research paper from work she initiated at UAH.

  11. I've found your research very interesting and I wanted to comment on a few points.

    I'm not sure that the "vanity press article" article could really be perceived as academic fraud, simply because it's so transparent. Any of the professors reviewing her tenure application would have recognized what it was almost immediately. It would be more likely to be received as buffoonish and strange. While it certainly would have hurt her application, I doubt it was considered fraud. It would be a little like putting "World's Greatest Dad" on your resume.

    Another factor in tenure reviews is graduate student supervision. The Times reported that many graduate students left her lab or were fired by Bishop. It would be interesting to know how many students supervised by her completed their degrees.

    Reports that she frequently mentions her IQ strike me as very odd. I am a research scientist and I have no idea what my IQ is. I've never heard anyone else in science state their IQs. It's an extremely odd thing for her to emphasize, considering that in science there are other ways to evaluate someone's abilities (ie. their research accomplishments).

    Placing herself as first author on the few papers from her lab is a little odd too. In principle, she's already demonstrated that she can do research during her postdoctoral and Ph.D. work. As a faculty member, it's much more important to demonstrate that she's capable of supervising other people doing research. In these cases, the student is first author and she would be corresponding author (typically last). A professor having mostly first-author papers is a red flag.

    Lastly, I've seen some debate about how intelligent she is. It may be satisfying to think that she is a complete fraud, however several scientists who have worked with her did describe her as extremely intelligent. This doesn't mean that she was unfairly denied tenure, though. In the experimental sciences, being intelligent is a necessary but not sufficient requirement. Communication skills, interpersonal abilities, writing ability, and planning are extremely important skills for professors to have. Part of the scientific process is to play devil's advocate against your own ideas, testing them against all possible criticisms. Someone who had a delusional sense of their own abilities, intelligent or not, would have an extremely difficult time succeeding. It has been reported that she was very difficult to work with and did strange things. Those are legitimate things to consider in a tenure review because it suggests that the candidate would be unable to function at the university on a permanent basis.

  12. Sandy,

    Thanks for the compliment. I read your link. I agree with all you said except for your implied characterization of Dr. Bishop's workplace violence being simply retaliatory.

    I am posting a Blog article in the couple minutes which raises an alternate theory of the crimes.

  13. Hi, just wanted to clarify, I am not the writer of the article from The Tennessean. I just came across it.

  14. Anon said: "Lastly, I've seen some debate about how intelligent she is. It may be satisfying to think that she is a complete fraud, however several scientists who have worked with her did describe her as extremely intelligent."

    First, thanks for the excellent post and insight. I agree that all indications are that Dr. Bishop is very smart. My criticisms of her ultimately relate to her integrity, not her aptitude.

    I have worked with many professionals who are headstrong and live by the 'my way or highway' philosophy. I suspect we all have. This personality trait does not equate with delusional behavior. I am not suggesting you are making that leap. You seem too rational for that.

  15. Finally someone discovered the name change in Bishop's past. You are indeed correct associating her father with the surname Papazoglos - this being heard from the mouth of Bishop herself. FYI, Amy wasn't Bishop's given name either, or so she said. I can also tell you this latest revelation may lead to other very intriguing facts and connections, that is, if the stories I heard are real. Keep on digging...I'm anxious to see what you uncover.

    Oh, and for the one discrediting Bishop's Jewish descent - that information too came straight from Bishop. Same goes for her being part black. Maybe she lied, but she did tell others this on more than one occasion.

  16. P.S. Have you checked any Greek public records looking for similar violent behavior from A. Bishop aka Papazoglos? Just a thought.

  17. And no Greeks of Jewish descent have immigrated to the US?

  18. Thank you for the comments.

    I am clueless as the point of debate as to whether Dr. Bishop is Jewish.

    If anti-semitism underlies the observation, this is light years beyond the scope of free speech that I am willing to host and tolerate in the Commentary to the Shepherds and Black Sheep Blog.

    I am vehemently opposed to every form of discrimination and harassment based on race, gender, ethnicity, religion, national origin, age, disability, marital status, and sexual orientation.

    I am not suggesting that anyone was headed into this Forbidden Zone, but I just want to be upfront as to my position.


  19. Mary: Let me clarify my previous post from Feb. 22, 7:51AM. I am in no way implying Bishop being Jewish matters one way or the other; I was simply stating my first-hand knowledge of the facts in rebuttal to another post. No support is given to any form of discrimination or argument thereof, none whatsoever.

    While I understand your wanting to be upfront about your position regarding discrimination, a position to which I also fully subscribe, I am disappointed this was the sole topic focused on in your latest reply. Reading your blog it seems the best source of discovery around - I'd have thought you'd at least comment on the confirmation of Bishop's surname and the further "lead(s)" thus implied.

  20. Thanks for your comments.

    Anon. said: "Mary: Let me clarify my previous post from Feb. 22, 7:51AM... , I am disappointed this was the sole topic focused on in your latest reply."

    First, I apologize for my suggestion that you were taking the Commentary into the Forbidden Zone of hate speech. I am also very glad to read that you and I share similar views that hate speech has no role in an intelligent dialogue.

    Second, I definitely agree that developing as full a profile as possible of Amy Bishop's extended family can only help in understanding her acts of violence on February 12.

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