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February 13, 2010

10 Most Amazing Internet Videos Ever

1. Most Amazing Music Machine When this went viral the claim was it was a real music machine designed and built by music and engineering students out of used John Deere tractor parts. Since then internet myth busters claim its an animation. Whatever it is and who ever created it, its super cool and they are super talented.

2. Most Amazing Parkour Video  These guys are fearless and probably quite a few are or will be in early graves.  

3. Most Amazing Kid Guitarist encore Sungha Jung The kid is 4real A bona fide prodigy.

4. Most Amazing Urban Biking This kid Danny Macaskill defies gravity, physics and fear. This should be an Olympic event if for no other reason than to give this kid a gold medal.

5. Most Amazing Mountain Biking  More amazing kids on two wheels risking life and limb for fun.

6. Most Amazing Sand Artist Ukraine's Kseniya Simonova paints with sand to music. Hard to explain. Impossible to do. Amazing to watch.

7. Most Amazing School Assembly Dancers since Napolean Dynamite danced danced danced for the Vote for Pedro talent portion of his school assembly.

8. Most Amazing Dog  Skidboot won a $25,000 talent show and made it on every talk show including Oprah.

9. Most Amazing Lecture Ever  College Professor Randy Pausch delivers his final lecture after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Despite this incredibly depressing preface the lecture is  amazingly uplifting. Set aside an hour and watch it with your family. 

10. Most Amazing Final Play in Football Game About a dozen lateral passes and an announcer that goes insane.



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