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October 9, 2012

Sandusky To Die In Prison

Convicted child predator Jerry Sandusky was sentenced today to a minimum 30 year sentence. Under Pennsylvania's prisoner 'good time' calculation law,  the actual amount of time Sandusky must serve before he can even be considered for parole is just over 29 years.  

At 68 years old, one thing is certain: Jerry Sandusky will die in prison.  That's today's good news.  The bad news is that Sandusky will be appealing his conviction, thus causing his many victims to continue looking over their shoulders as the monster who destroyed their childhoods will now haunt their futures.

There is only one thing Jerry Sandusky can do at this point to salvage an iota moral redemption: admit and genuinely repent his crimes, beg for undeserved forgiveness from his victims and participate honestly with forensic researchers so that the other Jerry Sanduskys still out there brazenly raping and molesting America's children can better be identified, captured and locked away.

Since we know Jerry Sandusky is incapable of acting morally and being honest,  his many victims will have to settle for the modicum of justice that comes with knowing Sandusky will die in prison then rot in hell.

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